Nature Photography Websites

A list of favourite natural history photographers and bloggers. The people listed in this collection share my passion for the earth's small creatures.

Online Resources: Flora & Fauna Identification

Half the joy in photographing wildlife is learning the names and habits of new (to me) species. Field guides help, but perhaps not as much as the citizen science websites and online resources in this list. I also enjoy the social aspect of meeting specialists online who generously help with identifications. 


Field Guides and Favourite Books

These Australian field guides are my go-to resources. I've also added a list of my favourite books (science and nature, poetry, and fiction) which is sure to grow.  


Photo Gear and Technique

Details of my photo gear and technique. I hope to cover everything from taking a photo through to processing and then sharing images. This is a work in progress. Please check back for updates.  


Site Index and Search Function

Use the search function to explore the image collection by location (bioregion, state, national park), genus, order (Blattodea, Orthoptera), or family (Tettigoniidae, Belidae).