Hello and thank you for visiting my website. To capture these images, I venture into the field with a homemade portable studio. Once a photo is taken, the living creature is gently returned to the location in which it was found. 

Finding subjects is easy. Check your porch light, the underside of leaves, look for pollinators, and poke through leaf litter. The small lives you will encounter are so very important. They are busy tilling and aerating the soil, pollinating, redistributing nutrients, and decomposing. It is said the earth could survive without us, but would not last long without them. 

The work of their lives often goes unnoticed, yet they can do more than enrich the earth. They can also enrich our lives. Studies are showing what our intuition has been telling us all along: spending time in nature is essential for a healthy mind. Nothing is more enriching than slowing down to cultivate attention and curiosity. 

Once you open your heart to the earth’s small creatures you will discover there is no need to travel far to enjoy nature. Your own backyard is teeming with strange and interesting life.

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