As newlyweds, Mike and I left the USA for Australia where the alien landscape and strange wildlife captured our imagination. I've been busily taking photos since we arrived, but it wasn't until joining Meet Your Neighbours that I really began to slow down and look closely.

Meet Your Neighbours is a global biodiversity photography group whose mission is to inspire a deeper appreciation of the wildlife at our doorstep through the use of minimalist, white-background photos. Species are photographed in the field against brightly lit acrylic, and the results showcase individuals that might otherwise blend into the environment. 

What began as a photo project has turned into a passionate pursuit to learn about the species we photograph, and the more we learn the deeper we care. In the first year we identified over a hundred species from our photographs, usually with the help of entomologists on the (now defunct) collaborative citizen science website, Now that we've started our journey as aspiring naturalists, I'd like this website to operate as our field notebook where we will record species as they are photographed and identified.

If an error is found please let me know so it can be corrected. If you'd like to get in touch, please use the contact page.

 I encourage you to visit the Meet Your Neighbours website where you can learn about the technique and see similarly photographed species from around the world.